About the Organisers

Team Bacon


The idea for a platform-agnostic London developer conference was conceived by Paul Fedory after having visited a similar conference, Strange Loop, in the United States, 2011. After much debate, the concept and name were chosen: the conference would be about all the things developers love, and it would be called BACON. Soon after, Paul coerced Angie Maguire and Colin Miller to help in organising this huge undertaking.

Paul "PFed" Fedory (speakers and content)

Angie Maguire (sponsorship and marketing)

Colin Miller (venue information and logistics)

Mint Digital

Mint Digital is an award-winning creative technology company based in London and New York. Mint mixes big ideas, beautiful design and rock-solid code to create remarkable digital projects.

Mint Digital (London) Exmouth House 3-11 Pine Street London EC1R 0JH