Whisk(e)y: The Best Drink in the World

Produced across the globe, from the Highlands of Scotland to Pakistan, whisky is one of the world's favourite spirits. It tastes pretty good, but what is it?

This talk is a crash course in whisky history, production, buying and drinking wrapped up into one rather hurried package. You'll learn the difference between single malt and single grain, why you should care about peat, why there's an (e) in the talk title, what to look for on a label, and how to actually drink the stuff.

  • Billy Abbott was once a computer programmer, but after a decade on the edge of the finance industry he abandoned the world of coding to focus on his true passion - whisky. He now works for The Whisky Exchange, and spends most of his time thinking about and writing about whisky, as well as occasionally getting to drink a bit of it. He also likes gin and Perl.