What shouldn't happen will happen

I've realised something important: I'm wrong more than I'm right when I say "I don't need to worry... it will never happen". This realisation means I now code more defensively.

Using UI problems I've solved over the past 12 months I will share with you the mistakes I've made, the lessons I've learnt and how they apply to you. Specifically:

  • Common problems your UI probably isn't defending against.
  • How defensive code can help or hinder your team mates.
  • Ways to monitor your JavaScript in production and why that's essential.
  • Why defensive code can help or harm your UI.
  • That defensive JavaScript doesn't have to be difficult or ugly.

What shouldn't happen will happen, especially once the user, network traffic, complex interfaces and user generated data are involved. But it's ok because coding defensively can help, it will make you a better developer too. That's what I'm going to prove.

  • Hi, I'm a front-end developer designer who loves to build challenging interfaces for the web. My core skills are in JavaScript, HTML & CSS although I can design the odd UI too. Most recently I've working alot with D3, Rickshaw, Backbone and CoffeeScript for Server Density.

    The web is a wonderful industry and I'm truly lucky to be working in it. I'm even more lucky to be in a position where I can share my professional knowledge, experience and beliefs. And thats what I try to do whenever I can.