What is the collective noun for software developers?

An unkindness of ravens, a pride of lions: collective nouns reveal what human emotions and behaviours we project on the animals around us. In this talk, we will wonder at murmurations of starlings, and study the science behind the group patterns and flocking behaviours in the animal kingdom.

After an analysis of the patterns of the software development community's commits to open source projects and online activity, we will draw parallels with the group behaviours seen in the wild and attempt to find some collective nouns that could apply to us. What can we learn from animal group patterns that could help us improve our collective intelligence and idea sharing systems?

  • Camille is a freelance Ruby developer by day. She wrote her first line of code over ten years ago and currently works for GDS (Government Digital Service). By night, she coaches junior developers, dreams of a more diverse software development community and enjoys finding mathematics in daily life. She hopes to one day turn her 3D printer into a proper Star Trek replicator and gets overenthusiastic about most things tech or food-related.