There is no such thing as work-life balance (working with burnout)

The web industry is in a very good position at the moment, generating a high demand for skilled workers: us. It's allowed for a lot of the modern culture we now see at companies and for people to take the initiative and work for themselves. Our motivations for work don't always come from money alone anymore. So what drives us now?

In this talk I'll take a look at those new driving forces, but also look at what affect they can have on us and on our lives. Work is no longer "nine-to-five" for many people, it's what they call life. It means that we sometimes take work beyond regular hours, into weekends and holidays, not through necessity but through interest and passion.

This however, can lead to things like burnout. I've unfortunately dealt with this before; so with some real-life examples I'll talk about how to deal with burnout, working through it and how to come out the other end with a smile on your face!

  • Adam is a frontend developer with London based digital agency Architect. Originally from Oxfordshire, Adam spent his time there studying at Oxford Brookes and working for a small design agency before making the move to the city to truly entrench himself in the tech scene. Previous experience has seen him work with clients from all areas including names like Tyrrells Crisps, Yeo Valley, and Sting.

    Adam also plays an active role in the web community running events and helping out with education initiatives like 12 Devs and Code Club, helping promote education in technology and the web.