The Final Frontier is wide open

Space Gambit believes space isn't just for governments and big corporations any more. Now hackers, makers, tinkerers and DIYers are getting involved too. SpaceGAMBIT is a US-government-funded open-source space program, and we want YOU to get involved in humanity's journey to the stars.

  • James Parr is a designer and technologist who has spent most of his career dedicated to innovating new approaches to sticky systems problems and grand challenges - such as climate change, the obesity epidemic and protecting our planet from the 99% of Asteroids will still cannot see.

    James is Founder of Imaginals - a UK and US based consultancy whose clients include BP, Shell, Barclays, Nike, the US State Department and NASA.

  • Alex Cureton-Griffiths

    Alex Cureton-Griffiths

    Alex is the Global Projects Lead for SpaceGAMBIT, a government-funded, open-source, hackerspace space program. He's constantly on the road hunting for cool projects to fund, as well as getting out the word about what SpaceGAMBIT (and their partners) do.

    He lives out of one small-ish backpack which somewhat clashes with trying to look classy, and this is the central, overarching conflict in his life. Just kidding. Maybe second or third biggest.

    He has no background in space, but studied Chinese at university, danced terrible drag ballet on reality TV, got stranded for 6 months in the Gobi Desert and smashed up his knee in a lightsaber duel. His favorite drink is coffee.

    He's into making (though rarely gets time), space, learning, and travelling. And getting his US/UK spellings confused.