The benefits of powerlifting for the desk-bound geek

Up until the age of 32 I was a hardened mouse potato - hater of sports and traumatized by school PE lessons. Then I accidentally got introduced to powerlifting & everything changed.

The popularity of sites like Nerd Fitness and Fitocracy means that the phrases "being a nerd" and "working out" are no longer total strangers, and lifting weights is becoming more & more popular among geeks. But what are the benefits, other than merely "getting healthy" (and what does that even mean, anyhow?) How can you get started, what could you achieve, and if lifting isn't your cup of tea, what else could you try?

In this talk, I want to introduce the idea that anyone can start lifting weights - it's not just for fitness fans and musclebound hunks; that lifting can do much more than just change your body - it can bolster your confidence, soothe your mind and improve your social life; and that it can give you a whole new set of things to geek out about.

  • Laura has been coding professionally for 14 years - which is probably too long. She currently works as a front-end developer for Nature Publishing Group, having worked her way there via a Film Studies degree, booms, WAP development and an unhealthy fixation with XSLT. But none of this matters, because all she really wants to do is go to the gym & lift heavy stuff. Passionate about body positivity and Health at Every Size, she wants to let everyone know that lifting weights is for everyone, not just athletic people or health nuts.