One Language a Year - Elixir

Many years ago The Pragmatic Programmers recommended you should learn at least one language a year. The task of doing so isn’t necessarily intended to make you an expert at new language X but it will definitely broaden and deepen your understanding of programming in general and most likely teach you some things about your current language of choice. Adding another language to your toolset can also help you make better technology choices, by allowing you to take a higher up view and pick the right tool for the job.

This talk will briefly cover these ideas, before looking at Elixir which will hopefully be new to many of you. I’ve picked this because I think it compliments dynamic languages such as ruby or python well and is different enough from many languages to bring some new perspective. It is also built on top of the Erlang VM (something I have long had a soft spot for) and as such brings many of the benefits but with a much more approachable and usable friendly interface.

  • Thomas Pomfret

    Thomas Pomfret

    Thomas is a developer with a keen interest in music, fitness and travel. Whilst his day to day is mainly ruby, he loves learning about new languages and what they can bring to your own practice. He is the CTO at Mint Digital and is based in their NYC office.