Mr Flibble's guide on how to be creative and have more ideas

Having good ideas is hard.

Fortunately, Mr Flibble is here to share his hard-earned techniques for creativity and idea generation, which somewhat surprisingly, involve very little surgery.

If he's got his calculations right, those who claim to possess none of the usually-cited prerequisites should be better equipped for future idea harvesting activities. That said, he's never really been any good at long division, so er...

Anyway. If you fancy having a trudge around the more obscure recesses of his somewhat fragile brain, he'll happily let you pilfer a little lump for your very own amusement. Hopefully, if you shake it in just the right way, the overly-energetic synaptic neurons contained within may impart their peculiar secrets.


  • Dominick is a user experience designer by day and a wannabe photographer by night. He has all his own teeth, a near-optimal covering of skin, and can touch both of his ears at the same time. His feet are size 11.

    He’s designed mobile phones for Nokia, websites and software applications for Red Gate, and has dabbled in the dark arts of marketing as a creative director. His passion for photography borders on pathological and he’s taken more pictures of himself than is strictly recommended.

    He drinks lead paint and dreams of a world made of marzipan.