Just enough math to understand how the NSA brought home the bacon

When Edward Snowden revealed the scale of the NSA's snooping activities the world shock on its foundations. Apparently our communications were not as secure as we came to rely on. How was it possible for the NSA to snoop on internet communications on such a large scale? How can I regain trust in the internet?

Trust begins with understanding. Modern day communications relies on cryptography, which in turn relies on math. So in this session we will regain trust by explain the details of modern day cryptography in an accessible manner. In particular public key cryptography, the linchpin of many communication standards used today.

We will demonstrate the fine points of RSA by creating a toy implementation. This toy implementation will be used to demonstrate how the NSA could get a foothold in this supposedly secure form of communication.

  • Daan van Berkel is a enthusiastic software craftsman with a knack for presenting technical details in a clear and concise manner. Driven by the desire for understanding complex matters Daan is always on the lookout for innovative uses of software.