BACON 2014 Talk Submissions

What we're looking for

We require talks from a wide-range of topics of interest to developers. If you are unsure if a topic is suitable, ask your peers if they are interested. We would like proposals both traditional and non-traditional in nature. Last year, we had talks on machine learning, front-end web development, coffee, food preparation and electronic music.

We encourage talks of all kinds, as long as they are interesting and tailored to an audience of developers.

The selection process

Like BACON 2012 & 2013, talk proposals are voted on by the entire team at Mint Digital. When the vote occurs, speaker information will be removed from the proposal talk titles and abstracts. The BACON organisers reserve the right to reject a proposal for whatever reason.

Submissions have now closed for BACON 2014. Be sure to check out the talks page for updates on the proposals selected.