Things to know about the users of your product

If you want to build interactive systems that are usable, logically structured, and ultimately successful on the market, you should know at least the fundamentals of human mental capabilities and limitations. The aim of this talk is therefore to apply findings from cognitive psychology to the design of online user interfaces. But don’t worry, it will be very practical. We will focus on a couple of key concepts, such as short-term and long-term memory, learning, and attention. Armed with a little bit of theory, we will then discuss directly applicable tips for enhancing the usability of interactions and memorability of content. And most importantly, we will illustrate each topic with concrete examples of design patterns used in web and mobile interfaces. The talk will help you build products that are usable, more efficient, engaging, and user-friendly. As a bonus, you will then also be able to impress the designers in your company, and earn their trust.

  • Jan is a user experience practitioner currently working as a Senior Interaction Designer at Flow Interactive (London-based interaction design studio part of a UX consultancy, Foolproof Group). Over the last few years, he has consulted and designed digital products and services for a number of the world’s leading brands including Vodafone, TfL, Channel4, Sega, easyJet, Sony, and HSBC. His mission is to design digital interactions that are useful, usable, and delightful. Jan was lucky enough to learn from some of the smartest people in the UX industry, and is always keen on sharing his own experiences with the community. If you want to start a passionate conversion with Jan, snowboarding, paintball, or medieval warfare would be your bets. Oh, and design. Obviously.