Developers travel in style

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So you're a developer and you love the conference scene. Good for you, congratulations! But going to or speaking at conferences requires traveling. We all know that traveling takes time and energy. Why not do it in style? Doesn't that cost a lot of money? Not necessarily ... During this talk, I will show you how to use/abuse airline and hotel loyalty programs. You'll get maximum luxury on a limited budget. Complimentary hotel upgrades, airport lounge access and business class upgrades aren't just for the rich and famous. You can be that person, because developers travel in style.

  • Thijs is an evangelist at Combell, the top Belgian hoster. As an evangelist he supports communities and has a particular love for the PHP community. He loves code and infrastructure, but mainly focusses on everything in between. Thijs is also boardmember of the PHPBenelux user group and organizes the PHPBenelux Conference in January.