Developers Are Superheroes and So Can You

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Yep, developers have superpowers. We also have some of the most effective, collaborative communities in modern society: open source development teams. Coincidence? Unlikely. We’re going to have to save the world. To prepare for our destiny, we’ll explore historical superheroes, software projects that benefit society, and ways to strengthen our powers and save the world.

  • Vanessa is a data fiend turned social entrepreneur, currently building CodeMontage to help developers improve their skills while improving the world. She believes coding is one of the most efficient and effective ways to improve the human experience. Vanessa also founded and runs Developers for Good, a network of technologists and organizations who build technology to achieve social missions. Previously, she led data and analytics at Paperless Post and co-founded Girl Develop It to provide low-cost, judgement-free environments to learn about software development.