Defining Music, recreational programming and Pure Data

Exploring the gap between what we do as developers and the reasons we got started, it's not hard to realise that while we love what we do, we're not always doing what we love. How often do we simply sit down to code and see where we're going to end up? The answer to the gap between what we do and why we do it seems to be hacking. Outside the constraints of the working environment developers explore the technology available and indulge the programmers brain. This talk looks at the open source, real time, graphic, arts-based programming language, Pure Data, as a tool to make music that writes itself, synthesizers that play data and audible cellular automata.

  • Rails dev, radio presenter, geek, hobbyist musician and victim of a three year music degree. Andrew takes joy in hacking, playing and discovering just what sounds can be created from any source material he can get his hands on. He has been known to broadcast live feedback on the FM waveband and performing with Margret Thatcher's voice on a keyboard in a warehouse basement whilst covered in post-it notes. He's been programming in Pure Data a year longer than he's been coding and still uses it as a tool to explore the wierder side of music, and technology. Andrew Faraday divides his time between Guildford and Manchester and spends his spare time enjoying technology, live coding and presenting Allfm's only panel show.

    Photo by Phileas Photography