Asynchronous working

Asynchonous working helps people make the most of their time. Instead of being interrupted by people with questions or asking for favours at the most inopportune moment, you can work in a way that lets you reply to them in your own time. It means fewer meetings, better audit trails and keeping developers in "the zone" for as long as possible. This talk draws on my experience implementing asynchronous working in a company, as well as feedback from various other companies that work the same way, and aims to give attendees an insight as to how it makes people more productive.

  • Michael’s an engineer at Datasift, working on delivering data in realtime to clients. Previously he was the the technical co-founder of Tweetdig, a realtime filtering engine for Twitter. He works daily with PHP, NodeJS, Redis, mySQL and a handful of other tools that glue it all together. He started programming with PHP at 15 and had his first speaking gig at PHPNW09. Michael graduated from Leeds Met in 2011 with a degree in Computing, but more importantly he came away with a realistic outlook on the world of development outside of university thanks to usergroups, barcamps and conferences. Michael spends his spare time learning about *everything*. Whether it’s about development or about how to bake the best cupcakes he just has to learn how and why.