A taste of cognac

This talk is all about cognac and brandies. What you can read on the label and what it all means. Its land and its centuries-old, rich and complex history. The fascinating alchemy that turns a grape into cognac. Its differences and relationships with other beverages. And of course... how to taste this golden, divine-smelling drink. Not drinking? This talk is for anyone who marvel at tinkerers, experiments, hidden secrets and nature's gifts: cognac has all this and much more! Please enjoy... with moderation.

  • Sylvain's grandfathers are a wine-maker and a baker. He spent his youth in several countrysides in France, where he learnt to love food, beverages, and being as arrogant as is appropriate for any self-respecting frenchman. He was lucky enough to attend EPITA and meet very talented people there, fell in love with obscure stuff, and basically learnt to be a hipster before it was cool. Sylvain is a partner at Faveod where he plays daily with Ruby, Rails, JS, and asks trick questions to solve people's problems.