A Dyslexic’s A-Z of Urban Gardening

This talk is a visual journey through some of the many creative ways that people are cultivating their urban environments. From the secret night pursuits of guerrilla gardeners to the work of neighbours at the local community garden, there are lots of inspirational people creating exciting spaces around our cities, so come and see what's going on!

Editor's Note: Apologies for the bad audio, it improves after the first few minutes.

  • London born and bred, Alice isn't quite sure where her love of gardening has come from, but either way, it is something she can't escape. Part of the studio team at Mint, Alice spends 4 days a week designing interactions across Mint's portfolio of client and internal work. New for 2013, she is now spending one day outside, either in her allotment or volunteering in one of the many growing spaces around London. She keeps her blog up to date so that her granny can see what she’s up to.