Your Browser Needs You

With the increasing popularity of Google's Chrome, the battle for web browser market share is tougher than ever. This battle not only affects earnest developers on the front line, but also many innocent surfing civilians. It is with this in mind that my talk would humorously compare the current and future state of modern browsers to the global conflict of 1939-45.

In my presentation, I will discuss various browsers by likening them to counties who participated in World War II - The Allies, made up of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. vs. The Axis (The IE family). Throughout my talk I will draw various comparisons to real-life battles from WWII, as well as the similarities of the technological advances that helped these countries win the war.

My talk will not be a straight-forward IE bashing in any way (especially as they are doing great stuff these days!), but an entertaining look at how developers can survive today's battlefield.

  • Stuart Memo is a web developer working and living in Glasgow, Scotland. A self-proclaimed “champion of the future”, he is the creator of Question Park and co-creator of the iPhone and upcoming HTML5 adventure game, All Fridges Are Psychotic. He also makes QR Codes in his spare time at Raygum, and has appeared as a guest on the prestigious 5by5 podcasting network.