Why You Should Be A Coffee Snob!

Are you particular about when and how you drink your coffee? Do you try new coffee shops as soon as you see them? Do you stand and watch people make it before you decide if you want to order anything? And above all, do you judges people for their choice of coffee?! Well Sam kinda thinks you should. If you don't, then give him a chance to explain why you should. And also why it's not a bad thing to be a coffee snob!

  • Sam Brookes

    Sam Brookes

    Sam works for public relations agency Skywrite PR. However, when he’s not doing the PR stuff like going for long lunches and Bloody Mary breakfasts, he is a coffee snob. He is well practised in the art and takes his bean fuelled passion very seriously. Sam trained as a barista under the watchful eye of Alessandro Galentino in La Bottega Milanese in Leeds. His love affair with all things coffee has grown from drinking and making espresso to ordering beans and negotiating darker roasts. He believes there should art and science in every cup!