Users as Data

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Clojure is a JVM-based Lisp dialect with simple core abstractions that emphasise immutable data, sequences, and first-class and higher-order functions. In Clojure, code and data are the same.

These simple abstractions have been the inspiration for building new data tools for treating everything as data and building many tools that operate on the same data. It has helped us build monitoring, debugging and analytical tools (many of which are written using Clojure) that help us understand how people are interacting with our websites and provides an open-source, open-schema environment for our data that encourages both consumption and production.

  • Paul Ingles

    Paul Ingles

    Paul is a developer at Forward based in Camden, London. Since joining in 2008 he has helped build many of their data processing tools and consumer-facing products. He considers himself very lucky that he gets to work with Clojure, Ruby (and more) on all kinds of interesting problems. He tweets, blogs, and writes code.