Open Data & the Internet of Things

The expected massive growth of connected device, appliance & sensor markets in the coming years - often called the 'Internet of Things' - will need a more rich concept of 'open data' than is currently common. When data is generated through activities of people doing things inside their homes and outside in public in their cities, the question of who owns the data becomes almost irrelevant next to the questions of who has access to the data, what do they do with it, and how to citizens manage and make sense of their data while retaining the openness that we've seen drive creativity and business on the web over the last few years.

  • Usman is the founder of Pachube, a real-time data infrastructure and community for the Internet of Things and director of Haque Design + Research. Trained as an architect, he has created responsive environments, interactive installations, digital interface devices and dozens of mass-participation initiatives. His skills include the design and engineering of both physical spaces and the software and systems that bring them to life.