HTML5 takes over the world

Forever the backbone of the Internet, HTML is now trying to escape the browser, but are web technologies the best ways to make native applications? We will explore various emerging platforms for turning HTML, CSS and JavaScript into native applications and weigh up the benefits of each. We'll then look further into the implications of having many different platforms and on to what the W3C has up its sleeve for the future. This is not the old "web vs native" debate, but a look into "web as native" and what it means to development right now and in the increasingly exciting future for web developers.

  • Phil is a Ruby and JavaScript developer from London. He works at Mint Digital to, amongst other projects, get beer to your desk on a Friday afternoon. Phil loves test coverage, great beer, hackathons, and gems with puns in their names. Get all four together for maximum points. He once made a pull request to Rails... it's still open.