How many artists does it take to render a lightbulb?

The glamorous world of Visual Effects involves more than just hanging out with movie stars and dressing up in tuxedos to accept awards. We also write a lot of custom technology to enable our artists to help the director realise his vision. This spans the gamut from creating herds of woolly mammoths to blowing up Japanese pagodas, and managing terabytes of data as it flows between hundreds of artists across three timezones.

  • Rob is the Research Lead at MPC, where he tries to contribute to as many in-house VFX software projects as possible without accepting responsibility for any of them. In addition to evaluating new technologies and thinking about the state-of-the-art in computer graphics, he often finds himself at the pub complaining about coding standards and other software engineering matters. Rob lives in constant awe of dedicated bloggers but, lacking this bit of DNA himself, chooses instead to pollute Twitter with observations about the office biscuit tin and other things unrelated to his job.

  • Hannes joined MPC in 2005 where he holds the position of Head of Pipeline for MPC’s Film division. He has worked in R&D on shows such as “X-Men 3”, various “Harry Potter” films, and “Narnia: Prince Caspian”. In addition, he has led the development of core R&D projects including MPC’s lighting pipeline and asset management software.