Design Pairing

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Whether you’re a designer or a developer there’s a simple way to get better at both, help others around you improve, and make working together more enjoyable. The power of design pairing can produce better ideas faster and instill greater empathy for both design and programming throughout your company.

Samuel Bowles will explore how his team has adopted the principles of design pairing in a number of contexts and configurations. His observations are based on the contrast between his work in traditional design firms and as a member of various Agile development teams. He will explore the various types of design pairing and especially the power of cross-functional pairing.

  • Samuel Mikel Bowles

    Samuel Mikel Bowles

    As a designer Samuel has been explaining just what it is he does since his career began in 1996 with the inscrutable title of “Webmaster.” During his career he has survived <tables>, <frames>, the <blink> & <scroll> tags and oh so many questionable CSS hacks. Many of his current projects have him struggling to extricate the word “click” from his vocabulary to be replaced with “tap”.

    Today, Samuel works as a Software Craftsman for Mutually Human, a design and development consultancy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He does interaction and visual design as well as front-end development on both web and mobile projects.

    Samuel is also a partner in Chext, a mobile financial management tool which has been featured in in the Chicago Sun Times, CNBC, MSNBC, and USA Today.